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Pastor Nathala Mani Kumar was born and brought up in a Christian family home in the village called Ganapeswaram, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh.

Both his parents came from poor Hindu backgrounds. His father earned his living from farming and believed in Christ where in contrast his mother worshiped Anjaneya; the Monkey god. After five years of married life they had no children and his mother would visit Hindu goddesses and holy places to pray to them in hope of conceiving but to no avail. Her husband being a believer, did not always agree for her to worship those gods, but to make her happy, would allow her to go. Knowing those gods could do nothing for her and seeing how sad she became, finally, he suggested for her to attend church with him. It was then she prayed to Jesus and that very same month conceived. Seeing how God answered

her prayer, without discussing with her husband, she decided to give her first child, Mani Kumar for God’s ministry; a decision that brought great joy to her husband’s heart. From childhood she would tell him; “you have to be a pastor after finishing your studies.” Wanting to please his mother and his desire to become a pastor, he resigned himself to that thought. At school whenever teachers asked what he wanted to become he would say; “I want to be a Pastor!” Hearing this, his friends and teachers would mock him and would say; “You fellow…. don’t you know the meaning of Pastor?” But he would argue and insist that was what he would become, and no-one would change his mind.

At the age of 17 when Mani decided to go to Bible College, by God’s grace and favor he was sponsored by a Pastor from New Zealand and went to New Life Theological College & Seminary, Coiambatore where he studied Biblical theology. In 2011 Mani Kumar was ordained as a Pastor and at the age of 21 started his Ministry work at a village called Bhavadevarapalli, amongst predominantly idol worshippers. It was also in 2011 that he married his beautiful wife, Suma. And now have two lovely children, Paul and Mary.

Pastor Mani’s personal testimony reflect back to 2014 when he registered Fullness of Life Ministries with plans to do church planting, leadership training, looking after the orphans, widows and elderly. Working in the community, it was noticeable that many children did not attend school because of poverty and with the help of his parents, decided to care for ten orphaned children; sending them to school and equipping them for this, as well as paying for their transportation and medical expenses.

But as the needs to support the children grew, by then from 10 to 70, day by day this posed a great burden for him. For there were no sponsors and several times he thought of leaving the Ministry and felt it was better to die than endure the struggles that he faced. Such was his despair! At his wits end, miraculously God brought a wonderful woman of God into his life and ministry through his father-in-law, Pastor Joseph. As he recalls; “It was 2016 and one day my father-in-law called me to check his emails and on checking, I found an email from Monica Forrester in the UK. She had returned from spending three months in India, her first visit being in September 2011 and promised to write after her return as she had visited their church and preached in the village. But while she was in India, I never met her. Whilst reading her message, I experienced like a fire burning in my heart and mind which gave me a lot of comfort and joy; then I decided to share with her the situation of my life and ministry. After sharing my vision with her, she fired at me like nothing, through her rebuking, I felt as though I had lost everything – no hope for my ministry. But in that situation, I could hear a voice in my spirit saying; “No! don’t be disappointed, she is your ‘spiritual mother’. Be cool, have patience and make a request to her one more time; ask her to be a spiritual mother to you.”

On 4th May 2016 [her birthday] I wrote to Monica Forrester again and by God’s grace she replied. Amazingly, she replied with lots of love in her heart and agreed to my request to become my spiritual mother. On 5th May 2016 she said this; “I also will pray now and in what ways God wants to use me in your life and ministry.” For I later came to realise she saw how enthusiastic I was in wanting to accomplish everything all at once. Being a young Pastor with a great vision, I needed order in my life, and she was not afraid to say so!

From 2016 until now, by God’s grace many miraculous things have happened; God enabled us to look after 10 HIV children and 70 orphans, as well as to give leadership training between 2017 and 2018 to 90 pastors through Mother Monica’s assistance and guidance. There are now 50 graduates working as village Pastors. We have also supported a pastor for his church construction, as well as God blessing us with a vehicle. All, through her sacrificial support and unfailing love. One thing I learned from her life and teaching as a counsellor; she would always remind me “Son, we must live an orderly life because God is a God of order, when we wait with faith and hope in God, He will do great things for us.” I saw how counselling me and my wife Suma, who acts as treasurer for the Ministry, we were both able to learn a lot about family life and because of this, Suma now runs a Sunday School and organize prayer groups with women in the village.

God’s plan for me to become a pastor caused me to face many trials and challenges, but at such times, I saw that God was faithful; nothing was impossible for Him to do. And we are forever grateful when God placed Mother Monica into our life and Ministry. Hallelujah, glory to Jesus!



Monica was born in Jamaica and moved to England at twelve years old. In April 1999 she became a born-again Christian and through this life-changing experience volunteered to bring food to homeless people which then extended to visiting young offenders, men, and women in prison which she did for five years, three of which was spent working in the same environment. Deciding to invest in this voluntary work, she embarked on further studies and in 2003 did a basic counselling course at Thames Valley University of West London, UK, an experience that highlighted how much she cared about people’s suffering. Studying at a higher level, in 2007 she obtained her Diploma in Counselling with Distinction through The Institute of Natural Healing. And in 2008 achieved a certificate in Business Management. These days she counsels people internationally on-line. Affectionately known as Mother Monica, she continues to commit to the relationship she has with Fullness of Life Ministries as a result of her visits to India and the work that goes on there.

Understanding of Indian States

Population: 1.2 billion.

Illiteracy: 60%.

Village people: 600,000.

Social states: 3,000 casts, sub-casts and tribal people.

Spiritual states: 330 million gods are worshiped.

There are 1,942 recognized language groups without God’s written word.

Religion states: Hindus – 80%, Muslims – 12%, Christians – 8%.

50% of the people have never heard the name of Jesus Christ.

300,000 villages have not heard the Gospel through the sharing of the “good news” of Jesus Christ through his church.